About us

Caravane is a non-profit organisation created in December 2009.


            To promote personal and cross-cultural exchanges through cycling.


  • At Caravane, we believe in fostering strong connections among people regardless of race or origin.
  • We develop activities and initiatives that foster interpersonal exchanges.
  • We believe that the bicycle can be a powerful tool due to its accessibility, its simplicity, its health benefits, its ecological benefits and its universality.
  • Caravane welcomes collaborations with other organisations whose initiatives advance our mission.

Structure and Operation

The board of directors is currently made up of seven members who are elected for a period of one year in an annual general assembly. The board members select the Chair, Secretary of the Board, Treasurer, and, if needed, the Vice-Chair. The board also appoints the Director General and the Technical Director from among its members

Board of Directors

Guy Amou (Chair)
Céline Brassard (Secretary)
Koffi Toulassi (Treasurer)
Papa Amadou Touré 
Neil Guildings
Francis Mallette
Fabienne Pyun


Director General– Papa Amadou Touré, the creator of Caravane, is of Senegalese origin and has lived in Montreal since 2005.  He represents the immigrant adapting to life in a new country. He is a medical school graduate and an avid cyclist. Cycling has had a profound impact on his life and remains his sole mode of transportation, even in the winter. 

Technical Director–Francis Malette brings ten years of bicycle mechanics experience to Caravane. He graduated from the École polytechnique de Montreal in mechanical engineering and has strong networks with organisations working in the field. Indeed, Malette is considered a local authority in bicycle mechanics. He is also an energy efficiency technician and currently works for the Éconologis programme. Malette gave Papa Amadou Touré a course in bicycle mechanics and the two have been close ever since.


Our team is currently made up of dedicated volunteers who are essential cogs in the wheel of operations at Caravane. Be they mechanics, webmasters, stall animators, or administrative assistants, their talent and dynamism is indispensable.