In Montreal

The benefits of cycling in the city include:

  • Getting around quickly, efficiently and economically without polluting the environment
  • Staying in shape
  • Developing social networks
  • Discovering the different neighbourhoods and the people who inhabit them
  • Being a part of a greater movement and culture


 There are many obstacles to joining the bicycle culture, especially for new immigrants. At the heart of our activities is the effort to overcome these obstacles.Our approach:


  • Provide information to newcomers about the ease and security of cycling in the city
  • Help newcomers learn to ride safely
  • Dispel the fears that newcomers often have about cycling in the city – namely, fears about safety, operation, and connotations about social status
  • Offer a more affordable mode of transportation
  • Foster cultural understanding and exchanges by using the bicycle as a tool to make connections with people
  • Integrate the city’s neighbourhoods
  • Bridge the isolation of newcomers to the city
  • Provide newcomers with ways to create networks


 Caravane Activities in Montreal


Information kit

Map of bike paths in Montreal. (coming soon)

Bike School

  • Learn how to get around with ease using a practical and cost-effective mode of transportation. Learn how to ride a bike. Feel secure on a bike. Go grocery shopping, to school, to work, to visit friends – all by bike.
  • Take bike rides with your children.
  • Stay in shape and stay healthy.
  • Move!

Many immigrants we surveyed (mostly adults) admitted to not being able to a bike.  We therefore established “Bike School,” a course that focuses on safe cycling because cycling in the city requires a minimum knowledge of the rules to make it safe and fun for everyone. The course takes place in a gymnasium and in an atmosphere of respect recognising that many people are ashamed to reveal that they cannot ride a bike.

The Independent Cyclist

A course in bicycle mechanics and road safety.

Getting a bike fixed or maintained at a shop can be costly. Caravane created this course so that every little flat tire, puncture or busted brake needn’t be a hindrance to cycling. It deals with the different aspects of bicycles and is tailored to each student’s level. The course aims to teach you how to fix basic problems that you may encounter with your bike.

Topics covered:

  • Puncture repair
  • Adjusting and cleaning of all parts, including:
  • Derailleur
  • Brake cables and hoods
  • Gears
  • Crank sets and pedals
  • Hubs


Workshops are held in various locations by demand. Please consult the calendar or contact us for prices and for more information. And don’t forget to bring your bikes! Space is limited. To reserve a space, please call 514 762 3757 or email:

Bicycle Collection

We give your bike a second life.

One of the most common reasons for newcomers not owning a bike is cost. Even a used bike costs more than a monthly metro pass! As an incentive, we collect old bikes, repair them, and then re-sell them at affordable prices. Contact us and we would be happy to collect bikes from individuals, shops and boroughs.                 

Bike Sale

Given that a metro pass costs up to 70$, Caravane is committed to selling bikes for no more than the cost of a bus pass.

Bike Repair Workshop

 For minor repairs. Cost-evaluation/assessment given on-site.

Urban Excursions

Join us on excursions to discover the bike paths in Montreal and meet your fellow residents! These outings demonstrate that biking can be a viable and sustainable mode of daily transportation as well as a leisure activity. Each outing involves a visit to a Montreal landmark. Please consult the calendar for the dates.


Caravane members are available to give presentations about our goals and activities at schools, businesses, and associations.